Terms & Policies



If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, 24 hours notice is required, otherwise that session will be forfeit. In exceptional circumstances sessions may be rebooked at the discretion of your trainer. If you are late to a session, you will receive the remainder of your session time, as booked with your trainer. It is at the trainers discretion to extend the session.


Your Trainer is not trained in the field of medicine or mental health and if you have any questions regarding a medical or mental health condition, we recommend you speak to your Doctor prior to commencing training with us.


We safeguard all confidential information relating to our clients in accordance with Australian privacy laws. You give Lotus Fitness permission to contact your team of health professionals to discuss your conditions to be able to provide you with the best possible outcome.

All trainers at The Movement Space are fully qualified, insured and registered fitness professionals. Our trainers shall provide services for which they are qualified by training and experience.

There will be times that your trainer will challenge you and push you to see other possibilities. Sometimes this process can be quite confronting. We do this only to help you become the best version of you & always do this with your best interests at heart.