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Using movement to reduce and manage pain & help you get back to doing what you love


The Movement Space

Do you find you are constantly injuring yourself in the gym?

Are you getting frustrated by niggles, aches and pains that are stopping you from being able to exercise?

Complete this quiz to find out where you might be going wrong with your training


About The Movement Space

At The Movement Space, we are all about getting you moving better, reducing and managing your chronic pain and niggly injuries and making sure you can get back to doing the things you love to do.

Let's consider the way you move is the language of your body, indicating whether or not it is working optimally. The key is being able to read this language. At The Movement Space (formerly Lotus Fitness) we read the way your body moves and translate it to reveal both the symptoms and the cause of your pain.


What we do

Does a niggly injury prevent you from participating in your favourite sport? Or maybe you are finding it difficult to play with the kids? 

When you experience a frustrating injury or persistent pain, even simple tasks seem overwhelming and difficult.

It is our goal to be able to assess how your body moves and guide you every step of the way to overcome your challenges and get you back to doing what you love!

By using Rocktape Applications in conjunction with Movement Training, we are able to fast track your way to reduce inflammation & pain, improve your posture & increase your strength.

Why we do it

Whether you are experiencing general aches and pains or persistent nerve pain, or something in between, there will always be a way to feel stronger, fitter and reduce and manage the pain currently controlling your life.

We know the feeling that time is just getting away from you

When your body is moving optimally your chance of injury is significantly reduced. We also guarantee that you will not experience a new injury whilst training with us.

Our Trainers

At Lotus Fitness, we get it. We have overcome the personal challenges they have overcome and movement has been kept to their journey to where they are today. We use this experience to guide our clients to achieve their health and wellness goals.


How we can help

At The Movement Space we are all about addressing both the symptoms and getting to the cause of your pain. With this wholistic approach, we first look at techniques to reduce your pain naturally and then begin to address the underlying issues. Through this process we assess your mobility and flexibility, improve alignment and posture, increase stability then once we have a solid foundation, we can begin to strengthen the body.


What to expect

In your initial consultation we will discuss your goals and set the direction for your training. We will then take you through a movement evaluation so we are able to get a better idea of what is working well in your body and areas we need to work on. Then once we know that training at The Movement Space is the right fit for both of us we will go through the training options best suited to your needs.


Exercise & back pain

One of the most common pain complaints we get is back pain. Whether it is caused by weakness, muscle tightness, nerve or disc issues, we can help you by addressing both the cause and the symptom of your pain and get you moving again so you can get back to doing the important things in life

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Success Stories

Here are a few of our success stories from our amazing clients. Scroll through


Ready to get started?

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